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Pre-ordering Tigerlily starts on July 14 th 16:00 pm CET

Dollkit 18" : Tigerlily - by Nathali Blick
Limited Edition: 850 Worldwide

Tigerlily is a 18 inch (45 cm) rebornbaby

New Reborn kit by Cassie Brace, this little reborn baby is made of high quality soft vinyl.

Tigerlily by Cassie Brace is a limited edition vinyl doll kit that comes with a head, 
4/4 legs, 4/4 arms, cloth body and a numbered LE-certificate of authenticity. 

To order additionally:
Eyes 20 mm - Belly plate

Pre-order - € 25,00
Full order - € 89,90
Tummy/belly plate - € 18,90

Pre-ordering Tigerlily starts on July 14th 16:00 CET