In oure shop you can find:
- Pluche Animals, bears, giraffe, Dogs
- Collector bears/Animals
- Ceramic figurines, aureoles, music boxes.
- Porseleinen Dolls.
- SchildKröt dolls and clothing
- Reborn dolls/supplies

Repairing of:
- Plush animals 
- Kinderknuffels 
- Ceramics 
- Porcelains Dolls
- Schilkröt Dolls
- etc

Several courses/workshops: 
- Making a real Mohair bear 
- painting ceramics figurines, aureoles, music boxes etc. 
- Making porcelains Dolls 
- Reborn babies 
Therefore our Atelier-shop hides more behind its windows then you can suspect, 
Come to our Atelier/shop and we wil show you all our products, and give you more information