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Cassie Brace

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AW300227Dollkit 20 - Esmae Limited 650 pc

Sculpt van Cassie Brace

Article code: AW300227

Dollkit 20" : Esmae - Full arms and Full legs
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A doll kit for the reborners by Cassie Brace. Evelyn is a 20" sleeping baby with full arms and legs. He has the sweetest expression and peaceful face.The kit will include head, limbs, belly plate and certificate. 

Grootte :20 inch - 50 cm 

Sculpt van Cassie Brace

De doll kit wordt compleet geleverd met:
  • Unpainted vinyl like head, Full arms and Legs.
  • Cloth Body special made for Evelyn
  • Certificate

€ 79.95